Worktops of the extra class


Worktops are much more than just a suitable work surface in the kitchen. At Häcker, worktops are eye-catcher, highlight and easy-care work surface all in one. With optimal gluing technology and our own materials testing laboratory, you are always on the safe side.

Well-protected edges

The high-quality "PUResist" gluing is consistently used for all edges.  

  • Protection against moisture penetration, e.g. in the cooking and sink area
  • Stronger adhesion between wood-based material and edge
  • Excellent appearance due to the so-called zero-visibility joint
  • Best quality features for all edges


Clean look at its best - for all minimalists who are discerning and love calm surfaces. The plain-coloured worktops are simple, without structure and are additionally equipped with PerfectSense®.

Wood decors

Lively texture gradient - worktops in a wood effect are still extremely popular. The smooth surfaces have the look of real wood, including the grain.

Stone decors

For all who love design - worktops with natural stone decor are elegant and modern. The naturally occurring differences in brightness and colour create the special character of the surface.

Marble decors

Elegant look with a touch of luxury - ensured by the very realistic marble structure on worktops. Bringing style and elegance to the kitchen. An added extra: the PerfectSense® finishing.

Our novelties

Worktop thickness 20 mm
incl. surrounding for ceramic

Wood effect

*For concept130 only the recess back panels are available as surrounding

Stone effect

Natural stones